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11 September 2022

At the beach

 -Can't wait to get in the water! It looks perfect!

-Come on little one, don't be afraid of the water! You will love it!

I can see you are enjoying it so much now!
... splish, splash...

OK! I'm ready to dive! Will you join me?

Lily Tuxedo loves sunbathing. It's so relaxing to hear the waves and feel the warmth of the sun!

-Nice job guys! Our sand castle is gorgeous!

-Sun or shade dear?
-Shade is just fine for me, thank you!

-Quickly! Hit the ball before it touches the ground!
-Yay! What a shot!

Summer is even better with friends! So come and join us!

So cool! Will you bury me next?

-Let's play beach soccer!

-Let's take a break from diving and relax! Aahh!

-Look! We've found some beautiful seashells for your collection!

-The fresh sea breeze is perfect for our kite to fly high!
-Yes it looks so happy up there! I wish I could fly too!

Linus Fisher and Isabella Hopper are showing of how fast they can play beach tennis, although the little ones are feeling a bit dizzy watching the ball!

-Would you like to see my seashell collection?

Summer is full of colors!
Meet the fashionable summer girls!

It was such a great day at the beach!

-Let's have an ice cream and say goodbye to carefree summer holidays!...

16 July 2022

Pinocchio (part 3)

 -Well well... how is the great actor?
-I don't want to be an actor. I just want to go home and be a good boy! Stromboli was terrible. He locked me in a cage...
-He did?...
-Yes but now I have learnt my lesson...
-Oh my boy you definitely had a hard time, you look like a nervous wreck! And there's only one cure for this... a vacation on Pleasure Island! A place where every day is a holiday!
-But I was going to...
-I will give you my ticket but hurry the coach departs any minute now, come with us quickly!...

-Hi, I'm Lampwick, who are you?
-Hi, I'm Pinocchio...
-Have you ever been to Pleasure Island?
-No, Mr Honest John gave me his ticket...
-Me neither but they say it's a great place, no parents, no school, plenty to eat and drink all free! You can do anything you like and nobody says a word!
-Boy, that's the place, I can hardly wait!...

-Wow, this place is awesome! We can do anything we like! No rules only pure joy!
-Yes, let's have fun!

-Hey! Aren't you having fun? Why are you staring at me?
-Your... your ears...
-What about them?...
-Come on Pinocchio, oh no!
-Jimini! How did you get here?
-Hurry up, we must immediately leave this place! Boys turn into donkeys here and they sell them! Look you have donkey ears too! Quickly let's get out of here before it's too late!

8 May 2022

Pinocchio (part 2)

 -My little Pinocchio, if you want to become a real boy you have to go to school!
-To learn lots of things and get smart!
-Then I will be a real boy?
-Yes my son. Here's an apple for your teacher... and of course don't forget your book! Ahh, let me take a good look at you! Now go straight to school with the other kids and when it is over, come right back!
-OK, goodbye Father, goodbye Figaro!

-Look Gideon, a wooden boy going to school...
-Ah yes...
-A WOODEN BOY!...Look! A puppet without strings! Isn't that amazing!
-Amazing... !
-Well I know someone who would give anything for a thing like that!
-Stromboli the puppeteer! He is in town! If we play our cards right we can win a fortune! Let's head that boy off

-Oops excuse me my boy, are you OK?
-Oh... yes sir...!
-I am very sorry I walked into you, I get so clumsy sometimes...! Hope you are not injured!
-I am all right, I am on the way to school!
-Ah school... Then you haven't heard of the easier way to success!
-Eehm, no...
-No? Well my boy I am speaking about the theatre! Music, lights, fame, money! With that physique you are a natural born actor!
-But... I was going...
-Oh I can see your name written in big bright lights!What's your name?
-OK then Pinocchio! We know the perfect theatre for you! Follow us and you will soon be a star! Come on! No time to waste!

-And now ladies and gentlemen, Stromboli the master showman -that's me- is proud to present the highlight of this show! Something incredible is going to happen in front of your eyes that you will not believe! Here is the only marionette in the world that can sing and dance without strings! The one and only Pinocchio!!

2 April 2022

Pinocchio (part 1)

 ... When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you…

Hello folks! I am Jiminy Cricket! Do you believe in wishes coming true? Well, let me tell you a story!
It was a beautiful starry night, long time ago. While wandering around I found myself in a little house of a wood-carver named Geppetto!...

... It was a magical little place full of toys, clocks, music boxes, all curved out of wood. And then something else caught my eye!... A puppet! Such a cute little fella!...
... But all of a sudden ... I heard someone coming!...

-Come on Figaro! He only needs just a little more painting and he's finished!

24 February 2022

The Kiosk

 Meet Cherice Floral! Every morning she is at the square of the village park where she runs her small business.

Cherice runs a kiosk/newsstand. She keeps it well stocked with a great variety of merchandise like candy, chocolate, snacks, newspapers, magazines, souvenirs, books, cards, maps and other inexpensive consumables.

Soon the park is full of Sylvanians. They all walk through the little square and a lot of them are visiting the kiosk. Cherice is very kind and helpful with her customers and enjoys meeting all these different types of characters!

-Good morning Cherice!
-Good morning Mr Evergreen! Always on time for your daily newspaper!
-Haha, you know me! But I also like to walk through the park every morning before going to work, it's really refreshing! Especially on a good day like today!
-Yes it looks we're going to have a lovely day today! Enjoy it!
-Thank you Cherice, enjoy your day too!