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5 June 2020

Mary Poppins (part 3)

-Yesterday we had so much fun Mary Poppins!
-What will we do today?
-We have so much to do but first of all we must visit uncle Albert!

-Bert, you are here too! How is uncle Albert?
-Well, the truth is that I've never seen him as bad as this...
-Oh really that bad?
-And what about the children, it's contagious you know!
-Shall we get spots?

-See for yourself!
-I'm delighted to see you Mary!
-Oh uncle Albert... But you promised...
-I tried my dear but... I so enjoy laughing, I really can't help it... Ahaha!
-Please children try not to laugh too, you will only make it worse!
-Yes, whatever you do keep a straight face, last time it took us three days to get him down!
-But he's so funny!

♫ I love to laugh
Loud and long and clear
I love to laugh
It's getting worse every year!♫

Haha! This is extremely funny, we can't help it too!
-Oh no, don't you start, come back down here!
-How nice, I was hoping you'd turn up! Haha!
-Such behaviour, that's not funny at all or my name isn't Mary Poppins!
-Speaking of names, I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith!
-Really! What's the name of his other leg!!!
-Bahaha,... the name of his other leg...hilarious!!

-... Now, then, children,we must go, it's time for tea.
-Please stay, I have prepared a splendid tea for you!
-Oh well, only because I don't want the tea to get cold...

-Thank you Mary, now we can have our tea properly!
-Yes Mary Poppins, so glad you came, it wouldn't be any fun without you!
-Haha, we're having such a good time, I wish we could stay up here all the time!
-We will anyway, there's no way we get down, haha!
-Actually there is... only if you think of something sad...
-Well now we had our tea it's time we go home...
-Oh, that is really sad...

-Come along children, spit spot!
-We had a lovely time uncle Albert, we will come back again soon!

-We had the most wonderful time with Mary Poppins!
-Yes, we jumped in paintings, had fantastic rides...
-She also taught us a word to say when you don't know what to say, that's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...
-Super... cali... what...?
-We heard some of the funniest jokes,like this one! 'I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith' and then the second chap says 'what's the name of his other leg ' haha!
-... And we had a lovely tea party on the ceiling!
-Mary Poppins says if we are good she'll take us there again!
-Oh she said that, didn't she! Well please return to your room and I will have a word with Mary Poppins...

-Mary Poppins I am extremely disappointed in you. I won't allow the children to spend their time on worthless activities like popping through pictures, learning silly words and having tea parties on the ceiling! It's time to learn about the seriousness of life!
-I quite agree! They must learn to walk in your footsteps. So tomorrow Jane and Michael will be at your side!
-Splendid!... At my side?...Where are we going?
-To the bank of course! Now if you'll excuse me, I must put the children to bed, tomorrow is an important day for them! Good night!

-Mary Poppins we will never let you go!
-Go? What are you talking about?
-We thought you got fired!
-Certainly not! Actually tomorrow you're going on an outing with your father, so you must get some sleep.
-Really! Where will we go?
-To the bank!
-Yay, to the city! He's never taken us anywhere.
-Sometimes a person we love through no fault of his own, can't see past the end of his nose! I mean sometimes a little thing can be quite important! Now let me tell you a little story!
-Wow, what a wonderful snow globe, it's the cathedral! Father passes that every day on the way to his work!
♫'Early each day to the steps of St. Paul's
The little old bird woman comes
In her own special way to the people she calls
Come buy my bags full of crumbs
Come feed the little birds show them you care
And you'll be glad if you do
Their young ones are hungry
Their nests are so bare
All it takes is tuppence from you.
Though her words are simple and few
Listen, listen she's calling to you
Feed the birds tuppence a bag
Tuppence, tuppence tuppence a bag! '♫

-The bank is just around the corner, children. I want you to show your best behaviour!
-Is it your bank dad?
-No but I am one of the younger officers!
-Look there! It's her!

-It's the bird woman! Just where Mary Poppins said she would be!
-Listen father, she's saying it!
-Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag.

-May we feed the birds father? I have tuppence from my money box!
-Waste your money on those birds? Certainly not!
-But Mary Poppins said...
-I'm not interested in what Mary Poppins says, I will not permit you to throw your money away! When we go to the bank you'll find very interesting what may be done with your tuppence!

-Hello, Banks. What's all this about?
-These are my children Mr Dawes and they wish to open an account sir!
-Excellent! How much money do you have young man?
-Tuppence... but...
-Splendid, precisely how I started! May I see it?
-No... I want it to feed the birds!
-Feed the birds and what you have? Fat birds! But if you wisely invest it in the bank soon it will bloom into credit of a generous amount!
-Yes Michael, Mr Dawes is right! Better invest it than throw it away, for the good of the economy and your country!
-But father...
-Very well my boy, now give me the money!
-No, noo, don't take my money! Noo, I want it to feed the birds!
-Michael now bahave!
-No, I will not let him take my money!
-Don't shout in the bank you will cause panic!

-Stop those children!
-Jane! Michael! Come back here!...

-Jane! Michael!
-Bert! Is that you? You're filthy!
-Perhaps a smudge or two. It so happens that today I'm a chimney sweep. But why are you alone in the city and it's getting late!
-Oh Bert we are so frightened!
-Now, now, don't take on so. Bert'll take care of you like I was your own father. Now, who's after you?
-Father is! He brought us to see his bank!
-I don't know what we did, but it must've been something dreadful. And now the police and the army is after us...
-Michael, don't exaggerate.
-Now father doesn't like us at all...
-Oh, I'm sure there must be some mistake. Your dad's a fine gentleman and he loves ya! Now come on, I'll take you home!


11 May 2020

Mary Poppins (part 2)

Chim chiminy, chim chiminy chim chim cheroo
I does what I likes and I likes what I do

Today I'm a screever and as you can see
A screever's an artist of highest degree
And it's all me own work
From me own memory
No remuneration do I ask of you
But me cap would be glad of a copper or two!

-Wait, don't move, Well... . I'd know that silhouette anywhere!...

-Mary Poppins! Of course it's you!
-Nice to see you again Bert! This is Jane and Michael.
-Hello! I think I've seen you around! Chasin' a kite last time, weren't it?

-Mary is taking us to the park!
-To the park? Not if I know Mary Poppins... When you're with her the most unusual things begin to happen, you suddenly are in places you've never dreamed of...
-Oh come now Bert, I don't know what you're talking about...

-I'd love to go to a place like that!
-Beautiful, ain't it! A typical English countryside, maybe with a little fair down that road and over the hills!
-May we go Mary Poppins? Please?
-I have no intention of making a spectacle of myself, thank you.
-Yes Mary Poppins, Now's the time, no one's lookin'.

-Please Mary Poppins, please!
-Oh well, hold hands, don't slouch and one... two...


-Wow, we're actually inside the painting!
-Look at our clothes! Amazing!

-I thought you said there was a fair!
-So I did. Down the road behind the hill, remember?
-Come on! I hear the merry-go-round.
-You can go childen and we're right behind you!

-Mary Poppins you look so beautiful!
-Do you really think so?

-Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Mary
Mary makes your heart so light
When the day is gray and ordinary
Mary makes the sun shine bright!

-Oh Bert, you haven't changed a bit, have you!

-What a lovely place!
-Welcome, you can order what you will and there will be no bill! It's complimentary!
-You are very kind!
-Anything for you Mary Poppins! You're our favourite person!

When Mary holds your hand, you feel so grand
Your heart starts beatin' like a big brass band!
It's a jolly holiday with Mary
No wonder that it's Mary that we love!

-Bravo... so lovely... Well, we should join the children now!

-Our own private merry-go-round!
-I wish we could take a real ride!
-Well, let's try that!

-Yippee! This is so much fun!

-We are having a wonderful time Mary Poppins! We have no words to describe it!
-Hmm, I thing there is a very good word. Am i right Bert?
-Just tell'em what it is!
 ... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!...

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious!

(Background pictures are from the original Disney movie 'Mary Poppins - 1964')


3 April 2020

Marry Poppins (part 1)

'Wind's in the east, mist coming in...,
Like something is brewin' about to begin... '

-Good evening! Mr and Mrs Banks I suppose!
-Yes,...come in constable!
-I found them while on duty across the park, I believe they are yours sir!
-Thank you for finding the children , their nanny lost them and we were so worried! .

-Well children, I am waiting for an explanation...
-Sorry we lost our nanny father,... It was windy and the kite was too strong for us...
-We made it ourselves and wasn't a good one, perhaps if you helped us make a better kite...

-Father we are very sorry about today! Since the old nanny left we want to help you find a new one for us! Here is an advertisement we wrote :
'Wanted a nanny for two adorable children. Must be kind, sweet and pretty, play games, give us treats, sing songs and take us walks! Be nice with us and we won't give you cause to hate us!
Sincerely, Jane and Michael Banks.'
-Well enough of this, thank you. Now please return to the nursery!

-Oh George, they were only trying to help...
-Play games... sing songs... give treats...Ridiculous! A home must be run with discipline and precision, just like a bank! I will place an advertisement in the Times. I will require for a nanny that will be firm, serious and respectable. One that can give commands like a general!

-I wish dad finds a nice nanny for us! I wonder how she will be like...

-... Look! It's HER!...
-... Maybe she a witch!...
-Of course not! Witches have brooms!
-She looks exactly what we have asked for in our letter!

-You are the father of Jane and Michael Banks, are you not?
-I believe I have all the required qualifications! Kind, pretty, play games, sing songs...
-Eh, this paper?... Where did you get it from?So strange... I thought I tore it up!
-You did advertise for a nanny, did you not sir?
-Well... yes... but...
-Very well then! I believe a trial period would be wise. I'll give you one week. I'll see the children now. Thank you.

-Well children, don't stand there staring. Best foot forward. Spit spot!

-This is your room.
-I think it will be quite suitable for me. Just needs a touch here and there... 

-So first I need a hat stand to put my hat on!

-A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

-Some more light would be nice!
-We better keep an eye on her, she's tricky...

-The room looks better now, come on, let's have a look at the nursery too!

-The nursery isn't very tidy...
-Well , let's play a game as you requested in your advertisement... this one is called 'well begun is half done'...
-Hmm I don't like the sound of that...
-In other words,' let's tidy up the nursery'!
-I told you she was tricky!

In every job that must be done,
There is an element of fun.
You find the fun, and snap!
The job's a game.
And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake!

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way!

-Oh Mary Poppins, this is a wonderful game! 

-Well the nursery is quite clean and tidy now! Time for our outing in the park!
-Oh, I'd prefer to tidy the room again!
-Enough is as good as a feast. Now let's go, spit spot!

-And off we go!